My name is Ani and I am from Washington state where I attended and graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle for video production. From there I worked at a few television stations including KHQ-TV in Spokane before moving to Monterey, California in 2010. I have worked with Cowles California Media at KION-TV and later with DGT Design & New Media as Operations Manager.

I am passionate about art, design, and advertising.

Photoshop 90%
DFP 70%
Flash 50%
Branding and Training
I took the lead in the redesign for all television station websites owned by Cowles California Media Company. This project involved meeting with managers of all departments and coming up with a website design that would help serve both the News and Sales department.

The website needed to be clean, user friendly, organized and able to hold a lot of information and news, and still have advertisements in prime locations that would be appealing to clients. In addition to granting final approval on all design work, I was responsible for transporting content to the new web platform and training employees on how to use the new CMS tool provided by WorldNow.

Working in the newsroom requires the ability to to work under pressure in a time sensitive environment. One of my finest moments in a leadership role was while I was a director of the two hour newscast, Northwest Today. Before the first commercial break, my team was informed that the commercial server went down and was unable to any commercials. I was faced with a unique challenge of keeping the crew to working together and keeping all crew members, anchors, and Master control informed of all changes I had to make.

In the end, I was able to deliver a two hour long newscast without any mistakes being made on air. While the first 36 minutes of the show didn’t contain any commercials, I made sure that every paid spot was played later in the newscast so that no money was lost.

Creative Problem Solving
It was a small project, but one that provided an interesting challenge that was fun to figure out.  I was presented with the task of designing a business card that contained 7 logos, 6 URLs, 3 phone numbers, 2 addresses, name, title, and email.  After several revisions I was able to come up with a double sided business card that still fit with the contemporary design the company was looking for.  The final result is in my portfolio.
Client Service and Flexibility
Through television stations, I have worked with a variety of clients, business owners, and agencies.  I have learned during my 6 years of experience, the importance of learning and addressing the client’s needs while also remaining flexible.  Some of the clients I have worked with had very little knowledge in web or advertising and needed help with developing their visions.  Other clients have been very clear on exactly what they want and I have always worked hard to put it to pixels.  No matter the client, I always try to remain flexible and open to maintain a friendly relationship with them while delivering a quality product.